Hands On: Cork Sailboats

Olivera Bratich
Cork Sailboat

Summer is the time for sailing. But if you can't make it to the big seas, bring the adventure to your local pond, stream or even the bathtub. This sailboat is easy enough that the whole family can make one and still have time for an afternoon boat race.


*6-15 wine corks

*Hot glue


*Colorful felt or craft foam

*A bamboo skewer

*Thick rubber bands (optional)

Tip: If you need wine corks, ask a neighborhood restaurant or pub. They often have a stash saved for customer projects.


1. Arrange the corks in equal-numbered rows (i.e. two rows of three corks each, three rows of four corks each).

2. Use hot glue to attach the corks. Add a spot of glue to each cork and hold them together for a minute until the glue cools. Because of the potential for burns, this step should be performed only by adults or older children.

3. Cut out a triangle from felt or foam for the sail, and create small notches with scissors a half-inch from the top and bottom.

4. Slide the triangle onto the bamboo skewer.

5. Cut out a nautical flag shape, again creating small notches near the top and bottom of the flag. Slide on to the skewer above the triangle.

6. Stick one end of the skewer into the middle of your boat. Put it directly into a cork, not into a glued seam.

7. If the skewer looks too tall for the boat, simply break off the excess.

8. If you like, decorate your boat with rubber bands or other waterproof accessories.


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