Hands On: Recycled Fairy House

Olivera Bratich

Paper towel and toilet paper rolls are ripe for crafty reuse, and this project transforms trash into an adorable dwelling for a tiny creature. Set up these little homes in an indoor fairy garden or build several to create a tiny cityscape.


  • Empty toilet paper or paper towel roll
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Colorful construction or scrapbooking paper
  • Ruler
  • Scissors and/or a cutting blade
  • Tape
  • Small, lightweight figurine or cutout
  • Tacky glue


1. Paint the roll using acrylic paint. Because of the dark color of the cardboard, two to three coats may be necessary. Let dry.

2. Measure and cut a 4-by-8-inch rectangle from the paper. Fold it into a cone shape and tape it together. Set aside.

3. Using scissors or a cutting blade, have an adult cut out three sides of a square in the middle of the tube, approximately 2 inches by 2 inches. The bottom side of the square should stay attached.

4. Fold the square toward the inside of the tube. This will serve as a platform for the figurine to sit on. Insert the figurine or cutout and glue it to the platform.

5. Apply glue to the upper edge of the roll and attach the cone roof.


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