Hands On: Apple Core Magnet

Olivera Bratich
Front and back views of the Apple Core Magnet

September is apple season, and this project is a great way to use the last of your ice pop sticks from summer. Attach these apple cores to magnets for the refrigerator or leave them as is for a simple autumn decoration.


*Ice pop or craft sticks


*Red and green felt

*Brown paper

*Magnets (optional)

*Black marker


1.?Lay three ice pop sticks flat.

1.?Break a piece off a fourth stick and lay it over the top and bottom of the other sticks. (The width should be the same as or just wider than the three sticks.) Glue it in place.

1.?Cut out a circle from felt, and then cut the circle in half.

1.?Glue the felt to the top and bottom of the sticks.

1.?Cut out a small leaf from green felt and a stem from brown paper. Glue the leaf to the front of the paper, and then glue the paper to the back of the top sticks.

1.?Glue two magnets to the back, one each at the top and bottom, if desired.

1.?Draw apple seeds on the sticks.


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