Hands On: Caterpillar Wristband

Olivera Bratich
Kids will love making and wearing this Caterpillar Wristband

Spring is the season for caterpillars to become beautiful butterflies, but caterpillars themselves are also pretty darn cute! This month’s project celebrates the furry creature with an accessory that’s fun for multiple ages of kids to make and wear.





*Sewing needle and thread

*Googly eyes

*Scissors with a point

*Tacky or fabric glue (teens can use hot glue guns)


1. Cut a 1-inch-wide strip of felt that fits around your wrist with a 1- to 2-inch overlap.

2. Sew a button on one end of the strip. This is a great early sewing project for older kids or a demonstration opportunity for younger ones.

3. Cut a horizontal slit about the width of the button on one end of the strip, about a half-inch from the end.

4. Test to see that the button can fit through the slit. Cut it wider if necessary. Create a second slit further away from the end if the wristband is too loose.

5. Choose pompom colors and lay the pompoms along the strip. Glue them into place and let the wristband dry.

6. Glue googly eyes to the first pompom (or create eyes from felt or paper).


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