Hands On: Paper Snakes

Olivera Bratich
This cute, not scary, snake requires only a few supplies.

This simple and fun craft project can be tailored to kids of all ages. It’s a creative introduction to some of the foundational techniques of origami and can be made with simple materials found around the house. If your child discovers a love of paper-folding through this colorful snake, the possibilities for future projects are endlesssssssss.


  • Two to four sheets of cardstock in two complementary colors
  • Googly eyes or white cardstock and a black marker
  • Glue stick or clear tape
  • Scissors or a paper cutter


1. Cut each piece of cardstock into strips lengthwise. Younger children will find this project easier to fold with thicker strips. Older children can work with strips as thin as ½- to 1-inch wide. (Tip: If you are using scissors, fold the paper accordion-style to create even strips and then cut along the folds.)

2. Separate the strips by color. Start with one strip of each color, placing one on top of the other at a 90-degree angle (like an “L”).

3. Fold the bottom strip over the top strip, staying at the same 90-degree angle, and press down.

4. Repeat, folding the bottom strip over the top strip until you reach the end.

5. Use a glue stick or a strip of clear tape to attach a new strip of the same color to each end. (Tip: You can use more than two pieces of paper in the project to make an extra-long snake! Just be sure to add an extra swipe of glue or piece of tape every so often to lend extra strength to the shape.)

6. When your snake has reached the desired length, cut out a head and draw or attach googly eyes, a nose and a forked tongue.

7. “Hisssss” accordingly.


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