Hands On: Bat Mini-Pinatas

Olivera Bratich
Kids will go batty for this adorable, stuffable craft.

These bat mini-piñatas will be the hit of your Halloween party! They are great for decoration or party favors, and kids will love stuffing them with candy and surprises.


*Empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls

*Black paint (not watercolor)

*Black construction or cardstock paper

*Black tissue paper

*Pipe cleaner

*One bead

*Googly eyes


*Foam paintbrush



  1. Use a foam paintbrush to paint the empty rolls black. Let them dry.
  2. Trace the opening of the roll onto black paper and cut out the circle.
  3. Cut out a square piece of black tissue paper that is larger than the circle. Glue the circle on top of the square.
  4. Push a pipe cleaner through the middle of both.
  5. Attach a bead to the end of the pipe cleaner where it comes up through the tissue paper.
  6. Set the circle into place at the bottom of the painted roll. Glue the tissue paper to the inside.
  7. Cut out bat wings from black paper.
  8. Glue on the wings and googly eyes.
  9. Glue a string inside the top of the roll for a hanger.
  10. Fill the bat with candy or pompoms.
  11. Fold down the top of the roll on the front and back to shape the bat's head.
  12. Curl the exposed pipe cleaner around your finger or a pencil to make a curly tail.
  13. No need to beat on the bat to release the surprise—just tug the tail when you are ready for the candy to come pouring out!


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