Hands On: Balloon Jack-O'-Lanterns

Olivera Bratich
Fill these jack-o'-lanterns with candy for a memorable Halloween favor.

It’s the time of year for Halloween costumes, decorations, and candy! These balloon jack-o’-lanterns can be filled with a few sweet treats for a special party favor. Or leave out the candy and use them as household décor. Balloons filled with air should last for about 30 days, so they’ll keep your home looking spooky through the end of the month.

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*Orange balloons

*Individually wrapped candies

*Green pipe cleaners

*Black marker


1. The first step is a two-person task. One person will stretch out the opening to the balloon. The second person will drop candy inside.

2. Blow up the balloon and tie off the end.

3. Use the black marker to draw a jack-o’-lantern face on the balloon.

4. Twist a green pipe cleaner around the end, forming a stem and leaf.

5. If using these as party favors, write each child’s name on the back of the jack-o’-lantern and set up a small “pumpkin patch” of favors.


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