Hands On: Bubble Wrap Corn

Olivera Bratich
Bubble wrap is a perfect canvas for this all-ages project.

November is a month for gratitude and gathering, and working on creative projects together can be fun for the whole family! This project reuses packing materials to make an adorable window decoration to catch the autumn sun.


  • Bubble wrap
  • Several shades of red, orange and/or yellow paint
  • Green construction paper
  • Paintbrushes (Foam brushes work best, but any will do.)
  • Glue stick


1. Lay a square of bubble wrap on your work surface with the bubble side up.

2. Lightly paint stripes of color on the bubble wrap. Blend them slightly together. Think about what a sunset looks like! (Be sure to paint lightly, since you want light to shine through the paint and the bubble wrap.)

3. Let the paint dry.

4. Cut out an oblong shape like a corncob. You can make your corncobs life-size or smaller.

5. Cut out leaves for the corn from the green construction paper.

6. Glue your leaves on the flat side of your bubble wrap. Let them dry.

You are ready to hang up your corn cobs! You can use a few loops of tape in a window, thread some string through them to make a banner, or even place your corn on clear adhesive paper to help it stick to the window like a cling.


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