Hands On: Penguin Bookmark

Olivera Bratich
This bookmark craft doubles as a reading buddy.

The winter months are perfect for curling up with a good book. And with this project, you'll have a little buddy to help keep your place in the story. 

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  • Craft sticks
  • Black and white paint
  • Orange felt for the feet and beak, assorted felt for the scarf
  • Glue


1. Paint both sides of the craft stick black. Let the paint dry.

2. Paint a white rounded shape in the middle of the stick. This will be the tuxedo pattern on the penguin. Paint a white heart shape toward the top of the stick for the penguin's eyes.

3. While the paint dries, cut out a small triangle and a half moon shape from the orange felt. These will be the penguin's beak and feet.

4. Cut a thin length of colored felt for the scarf.

5. Once the white paint is dry, glue the beak in the center of the face at the bottom of the white heart. Glue the center of the scarf to the back of the penguin's neck and tie it on. Then glue the feet to the bottom of the stick.

6. Paint black dots for the eyes, or add googly eyes for an extra wiggly pop.

7. When you're at a good stopping point in your next book, pop in your penguin friend to hold your place.


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