Hands On: Craft a Spring Bouquet

Olivera Bratich
Colored paper, a glue stick and scissors are all that's needed for this cute project.

Spring is finally here, and a bouquet of paper flowers in bloom is a beautiful way to decorate for the season. These 3D flowers are an excellent activity for teaching dimension in art. Start with the tulip and daisy and encourage kids to explore ways to make their flower art pop off the paper!


*Paper in a variety of colors, including green for the stems


*Glue stick


1. First, cut out two circles of the same size for the center of the flower.

2. Cut out thin strips of paper for the petals. Keep in mind: The petals will be half the length of the paper strip and the thinner you cut them, the more you will need.

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3. Make loops out of the petal strips by gently folding them in half. Do not make a crease in the fold, or they will not create the loop that makes them 3D.

4. Glue each loop around the edge of one of the paper circles.

5. Once you have glued on all of your petals, glue the second paper circle on top of the first. The petals should be the middle of a paper circle sandwich. This helps make sure all the petals stay glued.

6. Next, cut out a stem and two small leaves. Glue the stem and leaves down on a piece of background paper. Then glue the flower onto the stem.

Optional: Draw and cut out the outline of a vase to put your flower in. You can decorate this with more strips of paper, or break out some markers and make a fun pattern or design.


1. Choose a color for your tulip blossom. You will use about one sheet of paper for each flower.

2. Draw a basic tulip shape on white paper and cut it out to use as a template. Fold the tulip in half lengthwise.

3. Fold the colored piece of paper in half lengthwise. Trace the folded tulip template along the fold of the colored paper.

4. Repeat the tracing three to four times for each tulip. The more shapes you cut, the fuller your final tulip will be.

5. Cut out a thin strip of green paper for a stem. Cut two pointed oblong shapes for the leaves. (In geometry, this shape is called a lens.)

6. Now, you are ready to start assembling! Choose a contrasting paper color for the background. Then, choose where the tulip will bloom. Flatten one cutout and glue it down completely.

7. Next, build up the blossom. Glue each tulip cutout down on only the right side. Leave the left sides unglued. (Stack and glue each cutout on top of the previous one.)

8. Once all the pieces are glued, fluff up the left side.

9. Use glue to attach the stem and leaves.

10. Repeat the steps for as many tulips as you want to make!


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This story is from the Spring 2020 issue of Columbus Parent.