Store 5a, Diamond Cellar's New Boutique, Is a Perfect Ten

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly
The interior of Store 5a, Diamond Cellar's new boutique for pre-owned luxury jewelry and handbags

A clean, comfortable atmosphere, friendly staff and eye-catching Celine handbags await shoppers at Store 5a, the new boutique from the Diamond Cellar.

Store 5a opened its doors in the heart of the Short North in June, but the concept has been a few years coming. "I was seeing all of these great pre-owned pieces we were getting in to Diamond Cellar, and opening a store in the Short North immediately came to mind," says store director Jesse Johnson.

Every item in the boutique is either used or vintage, with a few exceptions. When a piece of jewelry comesto the store, a gemologist appraises it and assigns a retail price. Styles and brands range from Cartier, Rolex and Burberry to classic 1920s pieces by lesser-known designers.

"The handbags draw a lot of attention because they're what you see first when you pass the store window, as well as pre-owned watches because they're meant to be worn for a lifetime," Johnson says. "We treat every piece with love and care."

Love and care is also the advice Johnson gives to anyone looking to sell items. He recommends bringing documentation or the original box if you have it-it'll speed up the appraisal process and might get you a better deal.

"We also do a lot of trade-ins, which is fantastic," Johnson says. "It's a way to update your closet and get a great deal."

For those looking to sell, the best time to stop in is Tuesday or Wednesday morning, when the Short North is a little quieter. If you're in the market to buy, the store gets about 10 to 15 new items every week-and one of them might be your new favorite accessory. After all, Johnson says, the store's motto is: "Every piece has a story. What will yours be?"