Q&A with CCAD design neophytes

Sherry Beck Paprocki
Columbus Monthly
Jenny Moon's designs

Jenny Moon

Jenny Moon, a native of Seoul, South Korea, is a senior at the Columbus College of Art and Design who focused on formal wear for her senior project, creating five voluminous gowns inspired by flowers.

Why did you decide to focus on formal gowns?

In my junior year, I focused on chic and minimalistic women's ready-to-wear garments.During the spring semester of junior year, I had an opportunity to participate in Condom Couture supported by Planned Parenthood. My firstattemptof designing evening wear, even though it was made out of condoms, had grasped my interest to design more. I wanted to design something fun, voluminous and beautiful.

What were your inspirations?

My theme is biomimetics. Biomimicry is the imitation of elements of nature for the purpose of solving problems. The shape, color, scent and movement of flowers inspired me.

You have chosen a wonderful array of soft colors. What was your inspiration for the hues?

Lotus flower, peony, orchid, delphinium, hyacinth, etc.

What most inspires you when you start ?a design?

Interesting shapes, texture and movement seem to inspire me the most when I start a design.

Where do you find inspiration in Columbus?

I find inspiration from architectural designs, parks and museums in Columbus.

Do you ever feel like you've made a mistake?

I'm always not fully satisfied with my designs and my work. Sometime I am unsure if my design is decent because I have looked at it too long. By then, I need a fresh eye with a new point of view.

What is your dream?

My dream as a fashion designer is to design women's wear that can make women feel confident, sexy, romantic and edgy. Functional qualities are elements that I focus [on] in my designs too. I want my fashion design to be about suspense, surprise and fantasy.

Isaac Cohn

Urbana native Isaac Cohn is a senior at Columbus College of Art and Design with plans to work in a creative environment after his graduation this month. As a teenager, he opened a booth at an antique mall as his first foray into design.

What is your favorite of all your designs?

It's hard to pick a favorite design because each one was such a different process on its own. I'd have to say my top two favorites are the denim jacket look and the black organza pleated shirt look. I think I had the most fun making these two looks. However my favorite part of making the entire collection is the way I got to have a hand in making my own materials, for example the hand-made knitwear, custom pleated, and hand-painted fabrics I created.

What were your inspirations?

For the collection I'll be presenting I was mostly inspired by the interaction I have with my environment and the way those experiences affected me. I wanted to tell a story of visual interaction with a sense of playfulness and sophistication using textures, transparencies and layers that mimic those elements found in our everyday environment.

I really like the two jacketed outfits as they seem to fit Columbus-style, but with a stronger edge. What was your inspiration for these designs?

For these two looks I really thought about everyday life. Growing up in a rural Midwestern Ohio farming community, I've always been closely connected with work-wear and the utilitarian aspect of denim. I wanted to take that durable fabric and create something posh and edgy. The denim was paired with polished classic tailored pieces, a homage to structure and seriousness of life accompanied with ivory tops that have playful punches of texture created by the use of pleating and knit.

Where do you find inspiration in Columbus?

I mostly find inspiration from my experiences and travels being as mundane as those everyday things we all do [and] the things happening all around us that we hardly take the time to notice. I believe being in tune with your environment creates a certain level of intimacy and sincerity.

Do you ever feel like you've made a mistake?

Of course, as an artist I can't help but critique my own work, but I will say that I always set out to do my best and use that as a learning experience for the next time. However, I'm often walking away feeling very proud and looking forward to challenging myself even further the next time around.

What is your dream?

I'd like to be able to support myself in a constantly creative environment. I find that I strive while submersing myself in creative work. It's my dream to create high quality products that willwithstandthe test of time and truly is an investment piece for my customer's wardrobe.

CCAD's senior fashion show is May 12. Visit ccad.edu for more information.