New York Times pits Columbus vs. Nashville as fashion destinations. The winner is…

Erin Edwards
The 2017 CCAD Senior Fashion Show on May 12.

Who knew there was a big fashion rivalry between Columbus and Nashville? (I didn’t and I’m a Nashville native who lives in Columbus.) But none other than the New York Times set out recently to settle the score.

In “We Settle a Big Fashion Rivalry: Nashville vs. ColumbusTimes features reporter Steven Kurutz writes:

“The clash arises from recent claims made by boosters for Nashville and Columbus. Each city, it seems, considers itself the fashion capital of the United States, with the very notable exceptions of New York and Los Angeles. Each city, in other words, is vying for third place. … After puzzling over the dueling claims, I set out to determine which city is worthy of fashion bronze. I quickly found during my travels that both places have a lot going for them.” (This would be a good time to plug Columbus Monthly's April story titled "Stop the Presses! Columbus Not Awful.")

It's a compelling comparison, and here's a preview: If you want a job in fashion, move to Columbus. If you want to shop, head to Nashville.

So, who takes the bronze? Read the story and let us know if you agree in the comments.