Q&A with Theresa Capace, Worthington Jewelers

Sherry Beck Paprocki
Columbus Monthly
Theresa Capace explains that sustainable gemstones found in the United States are gaining in popularity.

Jewelry is personal for Theresa and Bob Capace, owners of Worthington Jewelers. The parents of five children and grandparents of several, they run their downtown Worthington store with help from family members.

Why did you and your husband decide to enter the jewelry business? My husband had a friend who was in the industry and we helped him from time to time.Then an opportunity became available to open Worthington Jewelers in 2000. We felt that there was an opening in Columbus for affordable, quality custom jewelry. The business was started as a partnership, but Bob and I became sole owners in 2013.

Do either of you design jewelry? We have designed some pieces. However, we have sales staff and a custom goldsmith who do most of our designs. It's always fun to see the finished pieces.

Personally, what is your favorite gemstone? Truly, I love most gemstones. I would have to say that my favorite is demantoid garnet. This is a rare green Andradite garnet that has even more fire than a diamond because of its high refractive index and dispersion rating.

In your search for the best gems, have you traveled to other countries? We have not traveled to other countries for gemstones. However, we do an annual Brazilian gem show when we bring in museum-quality gems from a Brazilian family that visits local mines to choose rough and then cuts the gems.

What is your best advice for buying a Valentine gift of jewelry? Look at your intended recipient's fashion style and the jewelry they already own. Consider the colors they wear and whether they favor jewelry that is yellow gold, white gold/silver, or rose (pink) gold in tone. Then choose a piece that complements what they already wear. If you're unsure, a pair of diamond earrings is always a good choice. These can be plain studs, halo, hoops or drops to fit her style.

In your experience, what one piece of jewelry gets worn the most? Engagement and wedding rings, of course. After that, most women wear earrings. Depending on their age, men are more likely to have a signature ring or necklace if they don't wear a wedding band.

Worthington Jewelers does custom work. Can you describe the most spectacular piece of jewelry that your company has ever created for a client? It's hard to choose just one. My current favorite is an Art Deco-style, tourmaline ring in 18-carat rose gold with diamond accents that we're creating for a long-time client. It features a 7.85-carat indicolite tourmaline that she chose at our Brazilian gem show.

Are there any new gemstones on the market that we should be aware of? There aren't any new gem-quality mineral species that come to mind. Because of continuing emphasis on American-made products and sustainable sourcing, the industry is seeing an increasing interest in American gems, such as Montana sapphires and tourmalines from California and Maine. In 2017, the first rubies from Greenland came to market, but we haven't seen them in Columbus.