Style Q&A: Orcun Turkay of Dublin's AC Hotel

Sherry Beck Paprocki
Columbus Monthly
In 2016 Orcun Turkay became general manager of the AC Hotel Columbus Dublin in the new Bridge Park. “This was the best decision I've made in my career and I love it here,” he says.

Orcun Turkay, general manager of the AC Hotel in Dublin’s new Bridge Park, is known to be stylish. As the manager of one of Central Ohio’s most modern hotels, Turkay shares with us some of his thoughts about style, including lifestyle and personal style.

First, let’s talk about the options for hanging out on Vaso’s rooftop of the AC Hotel in Bridge Park. The canopied lounge areas look like a lot of fun. They are quite expensive for an evening at a restaurant and bar, including food and beverage minimums of $250 an hour from what I was recently told. What do people use them for?

Both guests of the hotel and locals, alike, take advantage of our outdoor cabanas at Vaso for a variety of reasons. Whether they’re celebrating a special occasion, entertaining a client or just looking for an intimate environment to enjoy our amazing food and cocktails with sweeping views, [I think] Vaso is the best rooftop in the region to do it.

You seem like someone who understands a lot about personal style—and you’ve observed others who have good style and likely some who do not. What are the three tips that you can offer regarding how to present yourself in the best manner?

To me the way you dress tells you a lot about a person. I don’t think you have to spend a lot of money to look good and people have the opposite perception. The way we present ourselves is an investment. I even pay attention to what I wear when I go to the grocery store—you will never know who you may run into; it could be the next big job opportunity or a future loved one.

Three tips:

  1. Do some research before you go shopping. If you have an idea, you can save time and money.
  2. At least have one navy blue jacket in your closet. You can dress it up or down—and make sure it fits right. My go-to store is Suit Supply.
  3. Do the basics right, including your haircut. It also means your shoes are polished, your shirts pressed and remember that a good cologne goes a long way. Find your own style and stick with it.

Did you grow up in Turkey?

Yes, I’m originally from Turkey. I’ve known since I was a kid that I wanted to be in the hotel industry so I attended a high school that focused on tourism and hotel management and got my bachelor’s degree in hotel management at Akdeniz University located in the Turkish Riviera. In college I took as many opportunities as I could to travel to the U.S. to experience the hotel operations here, learn English and ultimately further my career. It was an amazing experience.

When did you arrive in the United States?

My first U.S. experience was in 2004, but I moved here permanently in 2010.

You spent several years in hospitality management in Washington, D.C., but then ventured north to Buffalo for a while. What have you learned about doing good business along the way?

I’ve realized that doing good business and running an outstanding hotel all comes down to taking great care of your employees. I take care of them. They take care of my guests.

It seems as though there’s something to be said for being discreet in the business of hospitality management. Do you learn things about people that you’d really like to erase from your memory? Do you want to share?

Living in today’s social media world means you have to be very discreet in our industry. The smallest things can blow up in minutes. I have so many memories about people but, in true hospitality fashion, I don’t think it’s best to share.