Montra Moody’s West Coast Point of View

The California native weighs in on style, parenting and work.

Sherry Beck Paprocki
Montra Moody

Montra Moody arrived in Columbus nine years ago when she decided to marry a man she’d met in Los Angeles. That man was Jonathan Moody, who is now president and CEO of Moody Nolan, the renowned Columbus-based architectural firm. 

Montra, who was born and bred in Inglewood, California, dated Jonathan for two years. A Central Ohio native, he was then asked to return to Columbus to join the firm his father, Curt Moody, started in 1982. That’s when Montra’s life began to change. 

Long story short, they were married and had two children, a son, 8, and a daughter, 5. Montra—who has a master’s degree in finance—worked for six years with NiSource, a natural gas and electric utility company, and eventually became director of events for the Columbus Metropolitan Club. 

Here’s what the California girl has to say about living in Central Ohio and a few other things. 

What was your first impression of this area when you visited Central Ohio? 

My first impression of Central Ohio was small and slow paced. 

What are your current impressions of Columbus’ sense of style? 

Honestly, I have not paid too much attention to Columbus’ sense of style but from what I can gather, very laid back.  

You are a board member for See Kids Dream. Can you tell us just a bit about this organization and why you agreed to sit on its board? 

See Kids Dream is a nonprofit that helps to empower youth with the skills, motivation and confidence to make our world a better place. I am so honored to sit on this board because I truly believe in the mission and want to make sure that children become the best leaders they can be so they can change the world. 

What have you learned about Columbus from your role as events director for the Columbus Metropolitan Club? 

Wow, that’s a great question. I’ve learned that a lot of people are curious and motivated to learn more, which in turn will help to improve the city of Columbus. 

What is your personal working mom style? 

Whatever is in my closet, I put it together and make it work. I love not knowing what I’m wearing ahead of time so I can put it together as I’m envisioning it. 

Will your family be back in the groove 100 percent this fall with working and school, or has the pandemic caused you to continue adjusting schedules and activities? 

For the most part, we will be back. The kids will return to school in person, and Jonathan and I will probably have some sort of hybrid situation, where we’ll go into the office for three days and work from home for two. 

This story is from the September 2021 issue of Columbus Monthly. 

Correction: The version that appeared in print incorrectly stated the number of master’s degrees Moody has. She has one.