Fall Style: Fashion Meets Comfort with Daring Prints and Luxurious Layers

Daring prints, luxurious layers and a dose of midmod cool

Paige Swope

Bold prints and bright colors are on tap for fall. Fashion has drastically changed in the last year as the world has adjusted to a new way of living and working. As we inch closer to a post-pandemic lifestyle, we are seeing new trends emerge—such as stretch jeans with elastic waists for men. Meanwhile, old trends add comfort as they continue to come back. There’s a midmod influence with floral prints and layered details. Certainly, we are hitting the pause button on quarantine casual in exchange for simple sophistication. 

Relaxed jackets and blouses, flowy dresses and colorful prints are replacing fall neutrals in women’s fashion. The ever-popular midi dress is paired with booties for an easy look on a warm fall day. Long, crocheted dusters and bulky, knitted sweaters add the layers you need and create a cozier look for chilly autumn days. If you are going back to the office, consider trading in the leggings and tees for a hip-length suit jacket—this new length is another big change from seasons past. 

In men’s fashion, printed and collared shirts in comfortable fabrics are a step-up from the pandemic slump. Printed jackets, graphic tees and simple sneakers are making their way into fall trends—implementing a new hybrid chic as many work at home and dash to office meetings. Plaid suits and flannel shirts add some pizzazz. 

After the secluded past year, there are big reasons to dress up and stand out as we cautiously celebrate a new season.

Photos: Tim Johnson 

Models: Rischia and Fahad, Sigal Models & Talent 

Editor: Sherry Beck Paprocki 

Art directors: Betsy Becker and Alyse Pasternak 

Penzone professionals: Pearson, hair, from the Dublin salon; Opal, makeup, from the Gahanna-New Albany salon 

Assistants: David Reese, Eiliana Wright, Rhianna Koebe 

Location: Vaso at the AC Hotel Columbus Dublin at Bridge Park