Edgework Creative's Lindsay Remley Talks Furniture Trends, Design Inspiration

Edgework Creative experiences high demand for custom pieces.

Teresa Woodard
Lindsay Remley is co-owner of Edgework Creative with her husband, Alex. The company creates a variety of wooden furnishings at its Columbus warehouse, including the modular shelving, table and chair shown in the photo.

With international supply chains stunted, the need for locally produced furniture has increased. Edgework Creative is one Central Ohio company that has doubled their local production facility to meet rising demand.

Edgework’s story begins in 2008 with the dining room table that still graces the split-level Upper Arlington home of its founders, Lindsay and Alex Remley. Lindsay explains she spotted a table on Pinterest and asked if Alex could make one like it with from the pile of old barn wood that sat, unused for years, in their driveway. At the time, woodworking was just a hobby for Alex. He had built a successful career selling wine, while Lindsay worked as a freelance makeup artist.

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Her husband complied with her request, though, and the couple started hosting dinner parties and family gatherings around the table he had created. Others began asking for Alex’s tables and more. In 2015, the couple hosted a Kickstarter campaign to grow their business.

Cambridge dining table in ash from Edgework Creative

The business that started in their home’s garage moved to a Grandview location and now resides in a 27,000-square-foot facility north of Downtown. Today, Edgework ships nationwide, employees 16 people, including metal fabricators, carpenters, project managers and draftsmen. The company has developed a line of tables, chairs, benches and stools available in a mix of local hardwoods and metal finishes. They also do custom work for homes and businesses including BrewDog and Watershed Distillery. “It’s been a whirlwind in the best possible way,” says Lindsay.

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What are some current furniture trends you’re loving?

One trend is a pivot from all-white spaces to more organic, richly colored spaces. That includes all-natural wood furnishings like our pieces in walnut, oak and ash. A second trend is investing in quality furnishings. People are willing to spend more on pieces and finding it more satisfying and eco-conscious to not replace them every three years. A third trend is a move from trendy styles to more classic, timeless styles with pieces that transition as your taste evolves and your life changes. People also love furniture pieces with a story.

Oliver modular shelving in oak from Edgework Creative

Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

We find inspiration from everyday elements and shapes—freeway light posts and subtle curved silhouettes. Our pieces embrace both wood and metal, seamlessly pairing the two to create different looks based on small design decisions. For example, two rounded tables get totally different looks—one more minimalist with four tubular legs and the other more industrial with a steel pedestal base.

What are your best recommendations to freshen interior spaces this spring?

Buy items you love that are well made. You will always find a way to mix them in your home and style them. With everyone using their spaces in new ways, buy things that can be used for multiple purposes, like our Mast and STAX stools that can be used as an end table or plant stand and double as seating when you host a group. Or a dining table can make a great desk for all those extra work-from-home days.

This story is from the Spring/Summer 2022 issue of Home & Garden.