Top 25 Residential Real Estate Transactions in Central Ohio for June 2022

Check out the highest-dollar housing market deals that closed this month.

Columbus Monthly
This house at 6 S. Ealy Crossing in New Albany sold in June 2022 for $2 million.

Listings were provided by Columbus Dispatch researcher Julie Fulton. Statistics are gathered from the greater Columbus area, including Franklin and parts of other surrounding counties, for June 1-30, 2022.

1. $3,250,000; 6676 Walnut Valley Dr., Galena; Susan K. and Tim K. Conlan, trustees, from Michael C. and Julie D. Butler

2. $2,600,000; 1825 Upper Chelsea Rd., Upper Arlington; Paul T. and Emily M. Knowles from Christopher B. and Tammy B. Watkins

3. $2,520,000; 4348 Sunbury Rd., Galena; David Gregory and Kimberly Carol Masters from Jiechun Liu

4. $2,200,000; 5598 Preston Mill Way, Dublin; David H. and Virginia R. Brown from Susan F. and Samuel E. Smiley, trustees

5. $2,000,000; 2240 Tewksbury Rd., Upper Arlington; Andrew-Huy Quoc Dang and Kyle James Barron-Kraus from Milan Ventures LLC

6. $2,000,000; 6 S. Ealy Crossing, New Albany; Meghan Cook and Ira Sharfin from Charles M. and Melissa K. Cash

7. $2,000,000; 250 W. Spring St., Unit 1121, Columbus; Stephen Patrick and Shari Allyce Brooks from Stephen and Suzanne Foster

8. $1,998,000; 4997 Pesaro Way, Dublin; Benjamin J. Byers, trustee, from Douglas A. and Laura L. Smith

9. $1,950,000; 367 N. Columbia Ave., Bexley; Nathan and Elizabeth Coe from Gabriel L. Coe

10. $1,950,000; 7369 Lambton Park Rd., New Albany; Osprey Inc. from Ashish R. and Jill R. Shah

11. $1,949,600; 1980 Hillside Dr., Upper Arlington; 1980 Hillside LLC from Edward and Cathleen M. Wolf

12. $1,925,000; 410 N. Columbia Ave., Bexley; Eric Lawrence and Alexis Bachrach from Eli and Francis Beracha

13. $1,900,000; 1080 Brookhouse Lane, Gahanna; Adam Roslovic and Meredith Freedhof from Bit Property LLC

14. $1,899,000; 158 Buttles Ave., Columbus; Andrew S. Grossman, trustee, from Paul E. Feeney and Chad M. Braun

15. $1,870,000; 21 S. Parkview Ave., Bexley; Rombauer LLC from Gulam J. and Abida Mukhdomi

16. $1,850,000; 1988 Woodlands Place, Powell; Jeffrey Peters from Wayne A. Garland Jr., trustee

17. $1,800,000; 6939 Lambton Park Rd., New Albany; Diana D. and Thomas J. Obrokta, Jr. from Michael David Heuman and Hyon Hui Heuman

18. $1,700,000; 7560 Wills Run Lane, Blacklick; Marcus A. and Valda C. Christian from Rod and Mary Gutridge

19. $1,650,000; 2449 Kensington Dr., Upper Arlington; Charles A. and Bethany G. Kranitzky from Mark and Amy Paxton

20. $1,625,000; 193 Stanberry Ave., Bexley; Douglas M. and Cynthia D. Howe from Michael K. and Sherri Palackdharry

21. $1,615,000; 7018 Hanbys Loop, New Albany; Kimberly Ann and Ryan Dolder from Brett and Natalie Meeks, trustees

22. $1,505,000; 2121 Yorkshire Rd., Upper Arlington; Katherine Briggs Brownlowe and Abigail Marie Huff from Kristen H. Layer

23. $1,500,000; 150 Preston Rd., Columbus; Lynda S. Robinson from Samuel P. and Gigi P. Fried

24. $1,500,000; 2056 Waltham Rd., Upper Arlington; Kristopher D. and Meghan Collins from Cynthia S. Rhodehamel

25. $1,500,000; 4525 Bellrose Lane, Upper Arlington; Sarah E. and Andrew D. Fast from Gwen Morris

This story is from the September 2022 issue of Columbus Monthly.