Top 25 Residential Real Estate Transactions in Central Ohio for October 2022

Here are the highest-price housing market deals that closed in the month.

Columbus Monthly
This house at 1760 Upper Chelsea Road in Upper Arlington sold last fall for $1,525,000.

Columbus Monthly gathers home sales data from county auditor offices in Franklin County and its six contiguous counties. These are the highest reported sales for Oct. 1-31, 2022.

1. $4,500,000; 5000 Deer Run Dr., Dublin; Kathleen M. Bainbridge, trustee, from Petrichor Lane LLC

2. $2,400,000; 1711 Strathshire Hall Place, Powell; Jace S. Stickdorn and Vicki Lee Eickelberger from David A. and Brenda J. Frecka, trustees

3. $2,240,000; 2252 Tremont Rd., Upper Arlington; Jennifer and Kevin Schoedinger from Capital Trading Co., trustee

4. $2,125,000; 95 N. Riverview St., Unit 611, Dublin; Thomas H. Mallory Jr., trustee, from Michael and Linda Huhn

5. $2,096,727; 3955 Ebrington Rd., New Albany; Mark and Nicole Stetson from Joss Construction Group LLC

6. $1,975,000; 1985 Woodland Hall Dr., Delaware; James E. Brooks Jr. from Periclis V. and Linda S. Pericleous

7. $1,885,000; 7593 Fenway Rd., New Albany; Erin C. and David J. Fallon from Jeffrey J. Eaton and Kristen S. Paradis

8. $1,850,000; 4545 North Gate, New Albany; Thomas J. and Barbara J. Piehowicz, trustees, from Kevin and Robin Hake

9. $1,780,000; 5480 Dublin Rd., Dublin; Nhan T. and Hien M. Luu from Lewis D. and Donna J. Shore

10. $1,597,795; 2981 Leeds Rd., Upper Arlington; Sarah and Brendan Anthony from Tuckerman Home Group Inc.

11. $1,525,000; 1760 Upper Chelsea Rd., Upper Arlington; Philip and Charlotte Larger from Glenn A. Johnson and Julia R. White

12. $1,520,000; 8298 Harlem Rd., Westerville; Michael E. Scherl and Jackie L. Savel from Martha and James Farrell Frye

13. $1,420,000; 1736 White Oak Dr., Delaware; John A. and Sharon C. McNab from Taylor Roof Klinger

14. $1,355,000; 7938 Tartan Fields Dr., Dublin; Mark Allen Robinson II and Katherine Penna from Matthew R. and Stacy M. Hartman

15. $1,325,000; 4260 Dublin Rd., Columbus; Jeremy Jones from Philip and Deneen Sisia

16. $1,250,000; 1243 Neil Ave., Columbus; Jay M. and Melissa Anderson from Paul D. Hixon and Robert Dean

17. $1,200,000; 1833 Lake Shore Dr., Columbus; John R. Herbert from Alan J. Block, trustee

18. $1,160,000; 12986 N. Old 3C Highway, Sunbury; Michael S. Grenke from Paul S. and Elisabeth Rosen

19. $1,115,000; 4578 Speranza Loop, Galena; Adam J. and Tabitha R. Pusateri from A&R Restaurant Holdings LLC

20. $1,100,000; 851 Neil Ave., Columbus; Laurel Investments LLC from Ben Cowley

21. $1,100,000; 7757 Bridlespur Lane, Delaware; Jessica Rian Fischer and Robert Moyer from David and Allyson Dusza Co., trustees

22. $1,090,000; 3901 Tarrington Lane, Upper Arlington; Kelvin Lim-Sum Chan and Yiting Liu from Jeremy and Jane H. Jones

23. $1,075,000; 2507 Dauer Court, Powell; Aaron Scott Brown and Lauren Brown from Jodi L. Scherner

24. $985,000; 481 N. Parkview Ave., Bexley; Thomas W. Cory and Bridget T. Hermann from Daniel A. and Samantha W. Sharpe, trustees

25. $949,000; 1865 Baldridge Rd., Upper Arlington; Stephanie A. and Connor M. McGrath from Kevin D. and Jennifer Schoedinger

This story is from the January 2023 issue of Columbus Monthly.