Top 25 Residential Real Estate Transactions in Central Ohio for November 2022

Check out the highest-price housing market deals that closed in the month.

Columbus Monthly
This house, 147 E. Deshler Ave. in Columbus, sold for $2.8 million in November 2022.

Columbus Monthly gathers home sales data from county auditor offices in Franklin County and its six contiguous counties. These are the highest reported sales for Nov. 1-31, 2022.

1. $3,950,000; 2700 Crafton Pk., Columbus; JTLC Enterprises LLC from 2700 Crafton Park LLC

2. $2,800,000; 147 E. Deshler Ave., Columbus; Carol and Theodore Manley from Christopher J. and Lisa M. Barton

3. $2,500,000; 4077 Beech Rd. NW, Johnstown; MBJ Holdings from Tracy G. Spencer

4. $1,800,000; 4117 Beech Rd. NW, Johnstown; MBJ Holdings from Larry Criner

5. $1,700,000; 2516 Tremont Rd., Columbus; Alyssa and Thomas Litzinger from Brett A. and Julie N. Gruss

6. $1,700,000; 4219 Beech Rd. NW, Johnstown; MBJ Holdings LLC from James S. Thomson

7. $1,526,000; 5490 Ashford Rd., Dublin; Susan Cider from Ron Mercer

8. $1,486,000; 1755 Riverstone Dr., Delaware; 1755 Riverstone LLC from Seale Moorer Jr.

9. $1,475,000; 982 Jaeger St., Columbus; Jeffrey and Lisa Kapp from Thomas J. Grote and Richard B. Neal Jr.

10. $1,368,300; 2063 W. Lane Ave., Upper Arlington; Petrichor Lane LLC from Mark and Stephanie W. Bernhardt

11. $1,365,000; 2611 Clarion Ct., Upper Arlington; Kimberly P. and Scott W. Williams from Dayna Baird and Tommy Joe Payne II

12. $1,360,000; 9358 Highbury Ct., Powell; Cheryl Heather Jane and Renato Lim from Carol Ann and John V. Dauria

13. $1,350,480; 7727 Sudbrook Sq., New Albany; Kelly and Peyman Salehi, trustees, from William T. Conrad II and Anahi M. Ortiz

14. $1,345,000; 1127 Highland Dr., Upper Arlington; David and Julie Wright from Tuckerman Home Group Inc.

15. $1,325,000; 6106 W. Quin Abbey Ct., Dublin; Jonathan Brown and Polina Shindiapina from Megan and Troy Schaffernocker

16. $1,300,000; 4945 Yantis Dr., New Albany; Jelena Gazivoda and Slavisa Milenkovic from Ann M. and Frank D. Korth

17. $1,275,000; 7924 Cook Rd., Plain City; Rick Finsterbusch from Mary Beth and Robert J. Comfort, trustees

18. $1,250,000; 134 Stone Valley Dr., Granville; Jacoby L. and Lindsey L. Boren from David A. Kapp, trustee

19. $1,236,750; 9479 Wilbrook Dr., Powell; The Al Czervik Trust from Romanelli and Hughes Building Co.

20. $1,177,000; 8988 Filiz Ln., Powell; Sara and Steven Schairbaum from Dawn M. and Ronald M. Austin

21. $1,155,420; 9332 Waterford Dr., Powell; David M. and Sharmila Bettes from Romanelli and Hughes Building Co.

22. $1,155,000; 1515 Essex Rd., Upper Arlington; Jenna and Timothy Matthew Maly from Elizabeth J. Flower, trustee

23. $1,100,000; 1870 Lake Shore Dr., Columbus; Martha F. Bullock, trustee, from Ann B. Larger, trustee

24. $1,091,235; 6233 Courtyard Ridge Rd., Dublin; Cathie A. and John W. McFadden from Epcon Riverside LLC

25. $1,080,000; 1181 Millcreek Ln., Upper Arlington; Christine Rideout and Jeremy J. Schirra from Amanda B. Reed

This story is from the February 2023 issue of Columbus Monthly.