Top 25 Residential Real Estate Transactions in Central Ohio for February 2023

Here are the highest-price housing market deals that closed in the month.

Columbus Monthly
This home at 7108 Armscote End in New Albany recently sold for $1.96 million.

1. $1,960,000; 7108 Armscote End, New Albany; Robert Heit from Andrea and Caleb Porter

2. $1,913,474; 2424 Lane Ave., Upper Arlington; White Point Limited an Ohio Limited Liability Company from Lee W. and Wendy S. Jordan

3. $1,800,000; 2248 Club Rd., Upper Arlington; Dan Callanan and Niki Bavelis Callanan from John A. Rothschild III and Natalie M. DiSabato

4. $1,800,000; 7573 Lambton Park Rd., New Albany; Emily Brobeck and Pierre Wooldridge from Kimberly R. and Scott J. Kelly

5. $1,755,000; 3880 Rushmore Dr., Upper Arlington; Amanda and Andrew Campbell from undisclosed seller

6. $1,400,000; 13 Pickett Place, New Albany; Michael MacDonald and Hannah Price from Gregory Todd and Sharon Fancher

7. $1,385,000; 6757 Fall Brook Trail, Delaware; Alexander Chapman and Justine Kang-Chapman from Kinda L. Kamel

8. $1,350,000; 110 Buttles Ave., Columbus; Michael McNamara and Annie Perrine from 110 Buttles Avenue LLC

9. $1,290,000; 7614 S. Goodrich Square, New Albany; Anshuma and Hitesh Mehta from John A. and Ellen R. Barnard

10. $1,150,000; 7215 Bulrush Ct., New Albany; Adam Matthew Debellis from Cynthia M. Heit Welch, trustee

11. $1,100,000; 1299 Brookwood Place, Columbus; Daniel A. and Valery Galakchieva Lebowitz from Holly M. Kerschensteiner-Logan and James M. Logan

12. $1,060,000; 2140 N. Parkway Dr., Upper Arlington; Andrew D. and Jill M. Heschel from Jean L. Gabel

13. 1,050,000; 576 S. Third St., Columbus; Joseph P. Kimener from Teresa J. Dalenta

14. $1,050,000; 7800 Scioto Darby Creek, Hilliard; Furkhan Ahmed and Maryyum Nasir from Christin A. Lavelle

15. $1,000,000; 8837 Shaffer Dr., Powell; Shaffer Drive LLC from Jeffrey A. Smith

16. $985,000; 4445 Middle Aspinwall, New Albany; Steven W. and Susan E. Krohne from Christina A. Thompson, trustee

17. $985,000; 7539 Tartan Fields Dr., Dublin; Amber and Patrick J. Clark from DeAnn I. Baker and Philip W. Skinner

18. $965,000; 7317 New Albany Links Dr., New Albany; Brian and Leah H. Zehentbauer from Rebecca L. and Shawn D. Holt

19. $915,000; 3974 Wheeling Rd. NE, Lancaster; Barry S. Rhonemus from William D. Sharp

20. $910,000; 7830 Allen Rd. NW, Canal Winchester; James M. Logan, trustee, from Stanley Thompson Anderson

21. $900,000; 50 W. Broad St., Unit 3603, Columbus; Jeffrey J. and Lynette A. Woda, trustees, from Jeffrey Scott Kerby and Jason Todd Mangum

22. $880,000; 2575 Kent Rd., Upper Arlington; Kenneth Daniel Allen and Miranda Katherine Kiefer from KLDS Enterprises LLC

23. $877,850; 28 Keswick Dr., New Albany; 28 Keswick LLC from Mary Ellen Bowman

24. $860,000; 37 Keswick Dr., New Albany; Cynthia and Michael Winick from Patricia M. and William E. Carleton

25. $860,000; 9435 Concord Rd., Powell; Stephen and Teresa Sweeney from Barbara and Michael Berichon

This story is from the May 2023 issue of Columbus Monthly.