Kids Craft: Watermelon Fruit Fans

Gather a few basic supplies to create this cute, practical project. Or adapt it to make your favorite fruit.

Olivera Bratich
Stay cool with this fun and practical summer craft.

Summer is heating up, and this family craft will help cool you down during all that outdoor fun! Watermelon is a classic summer treat, but your kids can modify this project to create their favorite fruit if they prefer.


*Paper plates

*Acrylic paints

*Large craft stick


*Tacky glue

*Stapler (optional)


1. Choose your favorite summer fruit—we chose a watermelon. For this version, paint 1 inch of the outer edge of the plate green. Leave a small white ring for the rind, and paint the inside of the plate pink. Let it dry. Adapt the design as needed if you pick a different fruit.

2. Paint black dots for watermelon seeds. Let dry.

3. Fold the paper plate in half.

4. Attach a craft stick inside the two halves using tacky glue and hold together until dry. Or, weigh the plate down with a book or another heavy object to press the halves together until the glue dries.

5. Use glue or a stapler to seal the edges shut on both sides of the craft stick.

6. Fan away!


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This story is from the Summer 2021 issue of Columbus Parent.