Dr. Feelgood

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Let me start by saying that I love my husband very much. I was fortunate enough to marry a very sweet, supportive man who happens to be easy on the eyes.

But there is another man in my life. In fact, there will always be another man. My husband knows about him, and in fact, may even have his own little man-crush. Heís not a hot movie star, rock star or even a local celebrity. Even better, he is the OB-GYN who brought my baby into the world. He is every movie star and rock star rolled into on. The man is an absolute genius and I will always love him.

When I found out I was pregnant, I also found out that my regular doctor would not be handling the situation because my age and a few other health factors automatically made me ìhigh risk.î My OB-GYNís office referred me to my hero and I was fortunate that he took my case.

Allow me to describe this amazing creature to you: He has the answer for every possible question that could ever pop into your head, which gives him the swagger of George Clooney. When you get nervous, he has a reassuring smile that rivals that of Brad Pitt. He can spring into action at the drop of a hat like Indiana Jones, and of course, he is in the ìqueenís serviceî so he is much like James Bond.

When I had to go on bed rest three months before the baby was due, I resisted at first, but soon gave in to the Dr. Gregory House side of him that said he ëwasnít asking me, he was telling me.í Throughout the pregnancy, the usual overprotective crazy side of me never really showed up, thanks to his Dr. Phil influence over me. I stayed calm and happy. I was able to focus on the positive and enjoy being pregnant, even throughout eight weeks of bed rest, which I would pay a million dollars for right now. When further complications meant the baby would join us five weeks early, I never questioned his judgment because I knew I could trust him.

The odd thing is I will probably never see this man again. He did this most important job brilliantly, and then he was gone. Off to help the next damsel in distress. We never even got a picture of him. I did, however, get his name. Anyone who knows Dr. Mark Landon at OSU Medical Center knows that while he may not look exactly like George Clooney, heís worth at least 10 of him! And even though I may never have occasion to chat with Dr. Landon again, I think of him each night when I tuck in my healthy, happy little girl. Goodnight, Dr. Landon, wherever you are!

After more than 20 years in central Ohio radio and TV, Stacy McKay left her position as a morning radio co-host to spend more time with her daughter, Olivia. Stacy now writes and speaks about the joys and humor of being a first-time mom in her 40s. Visit www.StacyMcKayMedia.com.