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I don't remember my 20th birthday, but I'm sure I enjoyed it. Why wouldn't I have? I was blonder, thinner and younger—what did I have to complain about? Now I'm looking down the barrel of another birthday, but not my own. My oldest is turning 15 next month. 15! How did THAT happen? Well, I know how it happened, but how did time go so fast? It seems like just yesterday he was toddling around in diapers and now he has hairy legs. It's just wrong.

Do you know who was born 20 years ago this month? Columbus Parent Magazine, that's who! Wow, 20 years. For two decades we've been a resource to hundreds of thousands of central Ohio parents. We've covered everything from travel to teens, social networking to special needs, and holidays to humor. Just like you, we're many-faceted and multi-tasking—and proud of it.

To celebrate this milestone birthday, we're offering presents to you, our readers. In this issue is our annual Birthday Guide, coming to the rescue of frazzled parents everywhere to help make your munchkin's big day a blowout.

Even more exciting is the launch of the new and improved ColumbusParent.com! This fresh, new site is full of information for parents, grandparents, kids and teachers, plus fun blogs written by moms and dads like you. With daily updates, you're sure to get the latest trends and trusted information. And, as with any makeover, it sometimes takes a while to see the results. Keep coming back for lots of new articles, breaking news and web exclusives. Go online now to see our celebrity birthday wishes slideshow—even Katie Couric and Harry Smith crash the party!

Speaking of parties, are you getting frazzled by the three-month party that is summer break? Kids running roughshod over you and the house? Maybe you're too nice. Check out the article on love and limits and regain your sanity. With fall sports quickly approaching, we have all you need to know about kids and competition. Our informative article on women's health, along with its Q&A counterpart on our website, reminds us that we need to take care of ourselves before we can take care of anyone else—and should do so without guilt. Capture summer memories using tips from professional photographers in our 20 feature. Finally, a fairly new phenomenon called geocaching is taking the country by storm. What is this mysterious new activity? We'll explain it for you.

So, hum a few verses of Happy Birthday for us, enjoy a piece of cake in our honor and relax. We'll be here for many more years to give you the kind of parenting information you've come to expect from us. And we'll get even better with age.