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Columbus Parent

I was recently given a copy of the latest teen fantasy sensation, Twilight. I was told, "read this-it's really great and Edward Cullen is so dreamy!" The book was not thrust into my hands by my girly teen cousin, but by my manly, 25-year-old fianc; . I raised an eyebrow, questioned my soon-to-be husband's sexuality and started reading. Guys say "dreamy" right?

I was up way past my bedtime reading. The main characters are the aforementioned dreamy Edward Cullen and the new girl in town, Bella Swan. They hate each other, they love each other and, oh no, Edward's a vampire. The books are chock-full of good old-fashioned teen angst that sometimes made me laugh and sometimes made me cringe because I was that angst-y teen with all the love/hate boy drama. No one ever turned out to be a vampire, but there were plenty of dogs.

Though obviously written for the younger audience, this compelling love story appeals to the older (us) audiences as well. Does this generation's jumping fantasy about a boy with special powers remind you of any one? It should. It was only a year ago we were lining up at midnight to receive that last copy of the Harry Potter saga.

Now that Harry is gone, Twilight is just the book to fill the gap between parents and children. You and your daughter can sit on your bed and giggle about what a dreamboat Edward is, just like my fianc and I do.