Sax quartet set to play Fetch Park on Sunday

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

The High Street Sax Quartet will play Frank Fetch Park this weekend as part of the Third Sunday concert series.

The third of four concerts in the series, this weekend's show will feature four saxophone players going through a variety of pieces from French origins to more traditional arrangements.

"We have put together a very diverse program," said German Village resident Greg Blausey, who plays tenor saxophone.

Other members are Steve Cartell on soprano, Matt Messersmith on alto and Brendon Lebrock on baritone.

The four friends formed a quartet about two-and-a-half years ago after three of the members decided to create the group.

"We went on a mission to find a fourth person and find a really good person," Blausey said.

Blausey said a saxophone quartet isn't unusual in the music world, but that many people don't realize the range the instrument has.

"I think one of things that surprises people is that they say, 'God, we didn't think the saxophone could sound so beautiful.'"

Blausey believed this is because in American the instrument is so intertwined with another music genre.

"It grew in popularity through jazz so people associate it with jazz," he said.

In addition, he said compared to many instruments it's relatively new.

The quartet will start the evening with a selection of French work then transition to jazz and ragtime.

"Because it was so new some European musician turned their nose up at the sax and for that reason saxophone players usually love the French because they embraced it," Blausey said.

Mary Daniels, also known as JazzMary, helps organize the concert series. She said she heard the group and knew they would be perfect for the park.

"Columbus is a lot more culturally diverse than people assume," Daniels said. "We like to have really different kind of things, so I thought it would really nice for the concert series."

The Third Sunday concert series is sponsored by the German Village Garden Club and the Friends of Frank Fetch Park as a way to give back to the area.

It came about as a response to Columbus slashing the city's recreation department's budget and halt its Music in the Air program at Schiller Park.

The High Street Sax Quartet will perform 7 p.m. July 20 at Frank Fetch Park, 228 E. Beck St.

Now in its fourth season, the concert series is free the public. Patrons are asked to bring their own chairs, blankets and refreshments.