Lap-up luxury

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

It started with the snazzy collars. Or maybe the cutesy chew toys.

But somewhere along the line, dogs went from "man's best friend" to "man's brother." And with that came all the appropriate luxuries. What qualifies as luxurious? How about beds and beer that cost more than their human counterparts, pint-sized pink spa robes and treats that even people can eat?

If you thought your pooch couldn't be treated less like an animal, sniff out these local selections.

Doggles, $20

Posh Pets

743 N. High St., Short North


Outdoor elements like sun, wind and water are so bothersome. But these adjustable and foam-padded "doggles" protect delicate doggie eyes, and they also come in handy to help block the flashbulbs from adoring fans. Sigh. Either way, you've gotta give these dogs credit for refusing to shy away from the outdoors.

Bow Wow Popcorn, $2.50 each

Bowser Beer, $3 a bottle

Bowsers pet bed, $200 for medium size

Moochie & Co.

221 Easton Town Center, Easton


What's a dog's life without a little R&R? Or maybe even more than a little? The sporty and snacky among the snooty will love to kick up their feet and enjoy adapted versions of their favorite people food: (reduced-sodium) popcorn and (alcohol-free, fortified, bacon-flavored) beer. These treats will be must-haves among discerning tailgate-goers this fall.

Bright-colored, paw print-patterned pet beds are such an eyesore. Bowsers' custom-order havens of doggie slumber will help people sleep more easily, too, since they can be color-coordinated to match the decor. And they've got not just beauty, but brains - they're made of thick, paw-resistant upholstery with a removable base for easy cleaning.

Pet stroller, $130

Pet People

4010 Powell Rd., Powell


In most homes, "walk" is a sacred word that perks up excited ears. In others, that key word must be "stroller." These comfy, colorful strollers function like a souped-up crate on wheels. What did dogs do before their people figured out there was such a thing as too much activity?