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Columbus Alive

A lot of the more buzzed-about music coming out of Columbus is encased in an impenetrable crust of feedback and noise. "That'd never make it on the radio!" one might proclaim, and other than CD101's Independent Playground, you'd be right as far as Columbus is concerned. But New Jersey's WFMU is a station devoted to just such music, so tons of acts from these parts get spun, and not just breakout stars like Times New Viking. While you're listening to the likes of Guinea Worms and Necropolis, peruse Beware of the Blog, the station's catchall source for unusual music tidbits.

Another way to dip your toe into the slightly esoteric world of underground rock (deeper underground than that stuff you heard on Gossip Girl) is to read the locally based record blog Limited Edition Vinyl. Boasting the mantra "quality over quantity," the site was created "so collectors interested in limited-edition record pressings and color vinyl would have a place to get news about the latest limited-edition LPs, 7-inch singles and 10-inch records." The blogger-in-chief is looking for more contributors, so if obscure records are your thing, drop the fellow a line. And if you want such records to be your thing, swing by the site and get yourself an education.

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