Ready for Kickoff

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Preseason Recap:

Did you draft Rudi Johnson? The veteran RB was released by the Bengals on Saturday but picked up by Detroit on Monday, and may wrest the No.-1 spot on the depth chart from rookie Kevin Smith. Did you draft Kevin Smith? WR Ashley Lelie was cut by San Francisco.

Who to Start: With his backup Chris Brown on injured reserve, Ahman Green looks like a nice sleeper at RB. If he's banged enough rust off, Brett Favre may be looking a lot in the direction of WR Laveranues Coles, particularly against a porous Miami defense.

Cleveland offensive players face a tough Dallas defense. Speaking of Dallas , they're looking at using TE Jason Witten as a slot receiver, a la the Colts.

Will Chad Pennington be especially motivated facing his old team? Only start him if your other QBs get hurt in practice this week. Start any and all Patriots against the Chiefs. Indianapolis should start Peyton Manning -- and, of course, you should too.

Week 1 should involve very little guesswork. You drafted your top players for a reason, so start them.

The Waiver Wire: Fantasy Football Adviser is not big fan of "handcuffing" (carrying a particular player's real-life backup on your roster, too), but Brady Quinn is a viable option if Derek Anderson's bell hasn't stopped ringing. So far, though, it looks like Anderson will start. Similarly, QB Matt Leinart will get the nod quickly in Arizona if Kurt Warner can't keep it together.

Chris Perry and Kenny Watson are also good "cuffs," though one of those should emerge as the go-to back sooner rather than later. Likely it will be Perry if he stays healthy.

Maurice Morris is the starting RB in Seattle, but keep a close eye on ex-Cowboy Julius Jones.

Game Alert: Game 1 is Thursday night, so if any of your starts are Redskins or Giants, you'll need to set them before kickoff.