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Throughout my gaming history, there have always been two types of games that have topped my list of favorites: Role-Playing Games (RPG) and Storytelling Games. RPG's are still pretty big, but over time, storytelling games seem to have fallen by the wayside. Due to a lack of attention spans and also the majority of gamers wanting to be immersed in violence or button mashing, an amazing story seems to be left in the box of stuff, choosing better graphics in its place. I for one, miss the days of being immersed in a game where you have to use your brain to solve tasks, and not just your fingers-games with a meaning. I miss the days of not having to worry about killing baddies while I veg, controller in hand, but rather get launched into an amazing story, influencing events as I play.

With this in mind, Majesco games has taken some of their popular PC kids series and launched them full scale at the Nintendo Wii. I'll explain a bit of how they work before I go in to the individual games. First, the games are focused on the 6+ age range, with an E (for Everyone) rating with the ESRB. That's right, no inappropriate language or content. And guess what? They actually teach the kids important stuff! My son Tyler now knows how a geyser works!

So here's the gist: You start off the games as a main character trying to solve the plot. Running around the large world, you find items needed to complete tasks to further the progress toward completing the game's plotline. Added in is a ton of kid humor with jokes they would understand, along with easy to play mini games (Go Fish, yeah!). The basis of the game is about teaching children important things, such as science, math and reading. The games have an easy to navigate point and click system with the Wii Remote and boasts over 20 hours of game play. The adventure changes every time you play based on the decisions you make in game. The best part is all three titles are less than $20!

The games are a little confusing at first because some of the things you're looking for aren't completely spelled out. I suggest plopping down next to your little ones and helping them get through some of the earlier parts of the game, at least until they get the hang of it. Here's a summary of the games' plot lines:

Freddi Fish: Kelp Seed Mystery

In Freddi Fish, you play as Freddi, swimming around his ocean home. But oh no! Someone has stolen all of the kelp seeds and if you don't get them back, everyone will go hungry! Solve problems, meet sea creatures, and ultimately do what you can to get back the kelp seeds.

Pajama Sam: Don't Fear the Darkness

Don the mantle of Pajama Sam in this game and head through your closet door into a crazy world of talking trees, mine carts and other weirdness, to capture Darkness and keep bedtime safe. A little warning: this one has a few creepy parts, so play during the day with the lights on.

Spy Fox: Dry Cereal

Enter the world of an undercover spy who also happens to be a fox. Explore an imaginary part of Greece while trying to find where the world supply of milk has gone and figure out why there are so many goats hanging around. Please save the children from having to eat dry cereal!

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