Foam delivery

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Imagine a world where every room in your house had a La-Z-Boy recliner and a 52-inch HDTV hanging on the wall. Imagine being in any one of those rooms and being able to push a button and have a cold bottle of beer delivered into the palm of your hand.

Would you settle for being able to push a button and having a cold one find its way to you?

If so, the R/C Cooler (available at is a dream come true. For the mere price of $70, this gadget stands ready to be filled with ice and up to a dozen bottles of beer (or 10 cans, if you prefer). Then, all you have to do is plop your oversized derriere into a La-Z-Boy, grab the pancake-shaped wireless remote and command this little cooler, which will travel up to 30 feet right to your side. When your buddy is ready for another beer, fling him the remote and the R/C Cooler can be navigated in any direction to make another vital delivery.

With this product, it's good to have a third party who will be willing to fill the cooler with a second dozen beers from the fridge. You'd simply send the cooler back to the kitchen, where it would be refilled for its subsequent journeys. If you can find a girlfriend who's willing to be that third-party person, marry her on the spot.

The R/C Cooler bears a passing resemblance to the Star Wars character R2-D2. If you're a person who is as enamored by that loveable character as you are your favorite beer, bring those two passions together with the R2-D2 USB Micro Fridge (available later this month or early next month at for about $32).

This gadget only holds a single can of beer, so you really have to be a fan of R2-D2 to justify the cost. You plug the character's cord into a USB port and it will chill any canned beverage. Your beer stays hidden inside the product until you lift the top of R2's head to reveal the can inside.

Not only is this a way to show your dedication to the Force, but if your boss doesn't notice that the gadget's top lifts off, you might just have the ticket to sneaking a beer or two at work.