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On the social-networking food chain, Friendster is virtually extinct, MySpace is losing steam and Facebook is king for now. But Linked In hails from a different phylum: professional networking. The site is more or less a place to digitally glad-hand with businesspeople around town and around the world. For that reason, Linked In is strictly business. Profiles aren't customizable, nor can you post comments on others' pages. (Do you really need to broadcast your private message to the rest of the world anyway?) The orderliness of it all is comforting, and membership is growing quickly, so perhaps you should consider getting Linked In.

This site is beautiful, except when it's ugly. That depends on which celebrity faces they're pairing up according to the simple formula: (Insert person or character) "totally looks like" (insert noun). It's not exactly high comedy, but there's a simple pleasure in discovering that William H. Macy totally looks like Ned Flanders, Cher totally looks like an Afghan hound and Freddy Krueger totally looks like a pizza. And the archives just keep going and going and going.

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