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I also discovered myriad women and movements that encourage, shape and support women in their efforts to take on leadership roles in business and politics. I learned the real meaning of "the personal is the political." There is nothing more powerful than a group of women coming together to effect change in a community. In our town, the traffic engineers determined that road traffic would move more efficiently if a stop light was taken out from a major intersection. They made the appropriate notice and set about the removal. They ran right into a group of mothers whose children crossed that intersection every day to reach an elementary school three blocks away.

Collecting signatures on petitions, testifying before city council, counting cars through the intersection in question and organizing civil protests became the work of the neighborhood. The traffic light stayed in place.

One of our favorite websites for encouraging and supporting women moving into leadership is The White House Project, http://www.thewhitehouseproject.org/. The White House Project is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that aims to advance women's leadership in all communities and sectors-up to the U.S. presidency-by filling the leadership pipeline with a richly diverse, critical mass of women.

Besides that they have really cute Ms. President T-shirts that no organization prez should be without!