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Dear Readers,

The cover of this year's guide resembles the opening of a familiar television sitcom, The Brady Bunch. If you are too young to remember, the popular TV show from the 70s featured a blended family and their loyal housekeeper, Alice. The Brady family had six children spanning ages from toddlers to teenagers. While many of the shows were memorable, the final episode featured Greg Brady, the oldest sibling, graduating from high school and heading off to college. Despite their crazy antics and hectic home life, college was expected in the Brady home-it was the logical next step after high school.

Nurturing your family's educational journey begins with you, the parent, and your beliefs-your personal feelings about going to college and the value your children see you place on continuing education. The journey of education begins in the cradle and never ends. That's why you might be surprised by these facts: about one-half of high school graduates enroll in college, slightly more than half of them graduate from college, and in Ohio, just 25 percent of our adult population has a college degree.

You may be thinking that your family does not resemble the Brady Bunch at all. Whether or not that is true, one thing is certain: our ever changing society requires that today's students learn to teach themselves and to adapt quickly to a changing world in order to be prepared for the jobs that will exist when they enter the workforce. The future holds jobs that we can barely imagine compared to those that exist today. This guide offers practical information to help you prepare your family for that journey, including the full breadth of college options right here in our own state. Enrich your life and get started on your journey today.

Stephen Zonars, Publisher

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