Cool clix

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Columbus Parent

Every mom thinks her baby is the cutest thing EVER! But does your little bundle of joy have what it takes to be a Cute Kid?

Once you capture that special smile on film, you want to share it with the world. Why not take a chance on winning great prizes in a Cute Kid online baby photo contest? And best of all-a chance to be spotted by the right talent agents.

First, you need to join the membership. But don't worry-it's free. Second, upload a photo using their free online tool, where you can also share and store photos. Finally, enter one of their online photo contests. Here's where a cost comes in: For $19.95, your photo will be entered for a chance to be the 2008 CuteKid of the Year, win cash and great prizes, and be seen by industry-leading talent and casting agents.

Other fun things on the site include games, nursery rhymes, blogs and parenting resources. But if your kid wins a prize, remember us little people!