Harder than you think

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

The staffers in Ohio State's art department office are continually amazed by non-art students who stroll in to sign up for art classes expecting an easy A. Yet it happens almost every day.

Thanks to prerequisites, courses such as beginning sculpture, painting and life drawing remain off-limits to cherry-pickers looking for a fun blow-off class.

But anybody can sign up to learn disciplines like ceramics, glassworking or photography, and many folks who do quickly discover they're in over their heads. Even entry-level courses such as Beginning Drawing and Two-Dimensional Art can be a challenge.

Alive doesn't wish to discourage students from trying out creative coursework. We only want to remind folks to think about what they're getting into before they end up wiping sweat from their brow at the pottery wheel four hours a night.

Such a task might be just what non-art students need to break the monotony of entry-level lectures in massive classrooms. And they'll probably learn something or even pick up a lifelong hobby. They just shouldn't go into art classes - or any creative classes, for that matter - expecting to slack their way to an A.

Every academic pursuit requires at least some degree of rigor. Somebody out there is majoring in this stuff, after all.