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It's fall again. That means it's time to gather in the stadiums and watch the kids play something. Soccer, football, cheering, marching band, whatever activity it is, you'll probably be spending some time out in the cold, rain, and even (gasp) snowy weather. In these harsh outdoor conditions, looking good can fall off the priority list pretty fast when you and the other band moms are trying to huddle together for warmth.

Fall style and team spirit can live in harmony if you stock up at Varsity Couture has great capes, ponchos and mittens to keep you warm and stylish in the cold weather. Their first invention, The Original Bleacher Blanket Poncho, is fabulous. It's a cuddly, soft fleece blanket stitched and sewn into a trendy oversized poncho, complete with a hood and a multitude of pocket space. This reversible poncho comes in many colors to make sure you're always in sync with the home team.

My other favorite is the Store-Your-Stuff Mittens. They feature large built in pockets along the top of each mitten. These super-soft mittens allow you to store a set of keys, a cell phone, money, credit cards or even a school ID. Secured with a fold-over flap, nothing falls out and your most-needed items are easily accessible! Because, really, who wants to be digging in a purse for nacho money during half time in the snow?

Varsity Couture also offers some warm weather style for you and the kids, but I think it's better to get the cold weather gear ordered first. Autumn is here and this season you'll be a sideline trendsetter: warm, with nachos in hand.