Polly sigh

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Make your voice heard, dear. Nothing, simply NOTHING is more powerful, or more attractive, than a woman who has something to say . . . and says it well! (Think Benazir Bhutto here.)

Your community is alive with opportunity to make your voice heard. Join your local school's parent-teacher organization, athletic or music boosters or other parent interface groups. Your political skills will be honed by fire, honey. From fund-raising to organizing to running a meeting, these are some of the toughest groups on the planet!

Every place of worship has lay organizations. Now stop that! Your leadership skills are what we're looking for here. Second-toughest political groups on the planet.

Neighborhood mother's clubs, book clubs and playgroups offer opportunities for leadership and honing your organizational skills. The thing here is, don't take it lightly. Use every opportunity, no matter how small, to work on your self-confidence and make your voice heard.

Finally, when you do speak up, do it with finesse and style! Never whine, never fuss, and never, ever, sound like your daughter in full-flight pout! You, Ms. Thing, are beautiful, secure, confident, together. Talk like it! Take a deep breath, speak slowly and clearly, smile (CNN newsbabes!) shoulders back, sparkly eyes: Who can resist you? I'll vote for the babe in charge!