Packages sent with love

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Students love to receive mail and packages in addition to text messages and email. An unexpected package of goodies from home during the stressful times helps make a student's day.

When sending boxes always do it in a fashion that allows you to trace the package should it be lost in transit. Most carriers will send shipment dates and expected delivery confirmation to you via email that can be forwarded to the student.

The contents of the boxes that I send are always a surprise, but I inform my daughter of their expected delivery dates.

Send packages for the following reasons:

1. Most students are without a car and purchasing snack items can be inconvenient and expensive on campus.

2. They'll make friends. When packages arrive from home students share the goodies with their roommates and friends.

3. You won't want your child to be the only one not receiving a package, especially at exam time. There are commercial firms that will be soliciting your business for sending packages to your child. This is your time to shine and provide something bigger and better for less money.

4. It'll give your child a reason to call you. Simply text or email the message. "CALL ME ABOUT PKG U RECVED."

When to send packages:

•First semester exams

•Second semester exams

•Long holiday weekends they are spending at school


•Special award days

•Dates of project or long paper completion

•In honor of academic excellence

•The day before a big athletic competition

Several companies offer you the chance to purchase a series of care packages they pre-pack and send to your child. You simply place your order for the packages or goodies that you wish for your child to receive in advance along with the desired delivery date. Compare the contents of the packages these companies offer to send. You can often save money, send more items and have fun doing it yourself.

Get more great ideas on packages in Marie Pinak Carr's book entitled Sending Your Child to College Prepared: Parents Operational Manual.