Preparing for college: Top 10 careers for the new millennium

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Columbus Parent

Whether you're pondering a career change or entering the workforce for the first time, you might want to do a little homework.

Choosing a career is a big decision and it can be hard to narrow down the possibilities. To help you out, we've compiled a list of the top 10 U.S. industries-those that will add the most jobs in the coming years-according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Maybe one of them is right for you.

1. Home health care services

Individuals who are injured, disabled, mentally or physically ill, or elderly often require directed medical care in their home. If you'd like to provide this kind of dedicated, one-on-one care to someone in need, consider training as a licensed practical nurse (LPN), nurse (LVN), or patient care technician.

2. Software publishing

Software is the key component in making computers work and software publishers oversee the design, distribution, installation, and technical support of both application and systems software. Demand is on the rise for software in the areas of operating systems, games, graphics, data, Internet business, Internet security, and word processing. Good college degrees for a software publishing career include game design, computer programming, and information technology.

3. Management, scientific and technical consulting services

Consultants provide expert advice to domestic and foreign businesses, governments, and other organizations. Management consultants generally focus on operations, marketing, human resources, distribution and security, or focuses on specific industries such as healthcare. Scientific and technical consultants provide expertise on technology and environment, or specific scientific fields such as biology or chemistry. If you're interested in becoming a consultant, consider earning an MBA or a degree in information technology, engineering, or the sciences, depending on your field of interest.

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