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Columbus Parent

"Once you finally arrive at college, make sure to study hard. College is hard and is nothing like high school, so the best thing for you to do is to develop great study habits right away and make sure you stick with it, even when the midnight pizza is calling your name. However, another important aspect of college is to have fun!

College is said to be the best years of your life so in your free time enjoy it."

Jessica Gisewhite is a sophomore at Miami University. She is from Flemington, New Jersey.

"Miami University has become a family and a home to me. At no other place do I feel more at home and welcomed than on this campus. Get involved, meet friends, and let Miami University shape you into a wonderful individual ready and prepared for the future."

Elizabeth Babicke is a sophomore at Miami University. She is from Hawthorn Woods, Illinois.

"Time must be set aside every day to stay up with the workload for classes. In college, a year's worth of high school material is packed into one semester and there is only about three hours of in-class time per class per week. This means that the student has much more responsibility for absorbing and working with material outside of class time. Dorms can be very noisy, so it can be helpful to find a niche in the library or a classroom where it is possible to settle in and study. Professors are there to help guide students through the material for the class and can be great resources. Be proactive and ask them any questions about assignments or class material."

It is important to be responsible in making decisions away from home at college and it is important to have a strong self-understanding and be smart about where one goes on campus. There is a vast array of ways to have fun and make productive-or at least not destructive-use of one's time at college.

Ultimately through the experiences of freshman year, one finds out more about the person they are and who they want to become. College can be whatever you want to make of it; it is important to go into freshman year with a positive attitude and have an open mind, surround oneself with good people, and get involved while keeping academics as the primary focus of your college career."

Dan Crawford, is a sophomore at Denison University. He is from Upper Arlington, Ohio.

"Each person you interact with brings you an opportunity to experience ingenuity. People are adventures. New people you will encounter have inestimable value."

Becca Ewing is a sophomore at North Park University. She is from Columbus, Ohio.

"Get involved! This is really important. While your grades are important, future grad schools or employers want a well-rounded person. Doing extra-curricular activities will help achieve this.

At the same time, study hard. College is definitely a lot more challenging than high school, but this is mostly because we have to manage our own time. Make sure you keep your grades up because freshman year is the foundation for your next three years; it's an incredibly important starting point.

Chose the right friends. Without this, college is not going to be the best time of your life. You have to surround yourself with positive people and those who share similar goals in terms of success and accomplishment.

Overall, don't stress out. I loved my freshman year, and what I advise most is to try your best by working hard, getting involved, and meeting real friends-with this; college is truly going to be the best years of your life!"

Malvika Cherian is a sophomore at Denison University. She is from Dublin, Ohio.