Highlights of the Sky Mall catalog

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

10. Edge Baking Pan ($40)"Deliciously chewy edges on every piece [of brownies] ... no gooey centers!"

9. Doggy Don't Sign ($14)"One glance at this whimsical yard sign instantly conveys your serious request to dog owners."

8. Grill Alert Talking Remote Thermometer ($75)"Remote wireless belt monitor announces when food is 'almost ready,' then 'ready!'"

7. Animated Hitch Critters ($25)"Give your trailer hitch a sense of humor!" with a waving deer, tail-flopping bass, chomping dog or flapping duck.

6. Stealth Secret Sound Amplifier ($40)"Looks just like a cell phone ear adapter ...Now you can enjoy the best of both worlds: a more youthful appearance and better hearing!"

5. Hairmax LaserComb ($500)"Clinically proven to promote hair growth."

4. Mount Rushmore Garden Statue ($40)"Your garden is a natural treasure, and this seals the deal."

3. BBQ Branding Iron ($80)"A great steak is a work of art, and now you can sign your work!"

2. Boxing Grannies ($19)"The slippers are off, the teeth are out and let the fight begin."

1. Dough-Nu-Matic ($130)"Serve up piping-hot mini doughnuts in less than a minute."