Adam for President?

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Columbus Alive

What started as a joke in the Alive newsroom has blossomed into a mind-boggling movement with less than a month left before the 2008 presidential election.

If you haven't already heard about the groundswell our "Adam Clements For President" campaign has been causing, you need to check out the NewsChannel 3 video at Reporter Colleen Hayes recently aired a report on how our grassroots campaign to get Alive's web video host elected president has caught on virtual fire.

The viral nature of the internet may cause our tongue-in-cheek campaign to have a significant effect on the razor-thin election results expected in three to five Midwestern states this coming November.

As Hayes reports in her video, linking our campaign to the radio talk show of former Maxim model Diana Falzone caused the kind of unique political movement that researchers and university professors will be talking about for decades to come.

While it's unthinkable that Clements could actually be elected president, some political pundits have theorized that if this year's presidential race comes down to Ohio, Nevada or Virginia, the Adam Clements For President movement could shift the election in one or all of those states from Obama to McCain.

OK, did you watch the video yet? If our little joke worked, we got you!

If it didn't, we hope you enjoyed what is one of the most creative viral campaigns on the web., the world's largest video chat community at over 4 million members, concocted this joke.

By clicking here you can spread this same joke to of your friends. They'll receive an e-mail that will look like it's sent from you, which then directs them to the same fake news story you just saw, but featuring the name of you or your friend.

You have about another month to spring this joke on your friends. Enjoy the reaction you get, give credit to PalTalk for some marvelous web technology.

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