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One might wonder what the people behind The Moth mean when they call it a "storytelling organization." Well, they mean people tell stories at their events, and sellout crowds show up to listen. It all started when George Dawes Green aimed to recreate the late nights he and his friends spent telling tales on pal Wanda's porch in Georgia. Itching to relive those nights of modern folklore, Green got some friends together for a similar gathering in his New York apartment, and the meetings have expanded into regular public events that have caused 100,000 people to put down their BlackBerries and engage in the oldest form of human entertainment. (Well, second-oldest, after the one provided by practitioners of the world's oldest profession.) Listen online, then consider attending a storytelling session next time you're in the Big Apple.

A T-shirt search engine? Genius! Please Dress Me directs you to the online homes of scores of independent T-shirt vendors. So whether you're looking for humor ("It's my duty to please that booty"), political statements ("Make music, not war") or just a cool design, you can find it here. You're guaranteed to find something that suits you.

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