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Wild Night

Cazuela's is a fairly basic Tex-Mexican place -- except it's in wobbling distance of lots of OSU housing. So out on Cazuela's often-crowded patio there's frequently a wild scene where young Buckeyes are eating, drinking and blearily minting future memories of their crazy, cut-loose college days.

Facilitating this riot are Cazuela's happy hour sessions. The first one takes place during the generally less-than-happy hours of 2 to 5 p.m. The second one kicks in at 10 p.m. -- when many patrons here are already three sombreros to the wind.

ÀQuieres algo mas?

Both happy hours feature a few drink specials discounted by a dollar or two. This might include a michelada, a standard-issue slurpy margarita or something called an "OSU Footballer" (Jagermeister, 151 rum and tequila -- yikes!). To eat, all of Cazuela's happy hour appetizers are reduced to half price. The best deal is a mammoth sampler platter with a full filet of nicely fried tilapia, a huge cheese quesadilla, a good stewed chicken quesadilla and two little fried taquitos.


2247 N. High St., Campus