Beauty, she wrote

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Columbus Parent

Our challenge combines four mother daughter combos, with the daughters falling between the ages of 8 and 12 years old. The mothers all have a common goal of losing at least 20 pounds and setting a good example for their daughters in the process.

Family Fit for Life is an 8-week program with two trainer led group workouts a week. Simple yet effective methods are used to decrease body fat, increase overall endurance and most importantly, teach fundamentals that can be built on after this dream opportunity is over.

Fancy machines, expensive workout clothes and extreme diets are not part of this program. Our focus is on hard work, consistency, respect for the human body and quality family time.

Every week our participants are given customized meals from Supperthyme. Portion control and meal frequency have always been a challenge for busy families and we hope to make that behavioral change easier.

Jerret and I know from 20 years of training experience that you cannot ever out-exercise a bad diet. We have found that occasionally rewarding yourself for a consistent period of "clean" eating is a good thing, but it is best to find rewards unrelated to consuming calories.

Realizing there are many ways to get in shape, we have chosen a method that can be performed at home with body weight and the great outdoors. Our members thrive on the social support system other members provide and prefer to workout in our club.

Time constraints can disrupt the best intentions and while the amenities and state of the art equipment are preferred, it's nice to have a fundamental plan to fall back on.

Teaching our family participants to have a goal for each workout and a specific response from the body and mind gives them the freedom and creativity to experiment with their own workouts.