Polly sigh

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Courting the female vote is an absolutely huge part of the campaign season. Every smart politico knows that if you want to win, you need the girls. We women, it seems, vote in higher numbers than the boys do.

As you already know, smart girl, we are in what's commonly known on the presidential campaign trail as a "battleground" state. Since Hillary Clinton won 54 percent of the female vote in the primary, Obama and McCain are in a virtual scramble to claim us for their own.

The Dems have Clinton on the campaign trail; the GOP has, of course, Palin as a VP candidate. So what will we do? They would LOVE to know. We, of course, are playing it coy until November 4. Polly's prediction? The women will carry the day in central Ohio on election day 2008.

We have the power to change the country so let's do it, lovies!