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Mummies to fit all spaces and budgets from just $15? Seriously?

Enter the Halloween Haven if you dare! Discover decorations to thrill trick-or-treaters, devilishly different ways to throw a spirited party, and everything you'll need to claim the title of "most haunted house on the block."

This site truly has the best outdoor Halloween decorations I've seen so far this year. Everything from a hanging cowboy skeleton with red flashing eyes to window panels made to look like a sinister madman is peering out at the neighbors. Ooohhh.

And here's a treat with no tricks: Enter the code UW1081 to save 10 percent on your purchase. Hurry-offer is only valid until November 15.

Just as the name implies, this is no place for the squeamish. I had to look away from the images on the homepage because I'm such a scaredy-pants!

The ghoul masks are downright disturbing and the axed-up body is just wrong. But I had to chuckle at the zombie candidate masks. At this point in the campaign, we TV commercial watchers are getting more zombie-like all the time. I wonder if they have Joe the Plumber?

According to their site, if you're looking for haunted house props, you've definitely come to the right place. They guarantee that their selection of scary props will be all you need to create the scariest scene you can imagine this Halloween.

Happy haunting!