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Candidates declare party affiliation

Attorney general

The AG is lawyer for Ohio and state agencies, enforces laws regarding consumer protection and organized crime and provides criminal justice support to local agencies.

Clerk of Court of Common Pleas

This administrative assistant is the official record-keeper for the common pleas court and the 10th District Court of Appeals.


Ohio's 88 county coroners are responsible for investigating suspicious, violent or unusual deaths and their causes. They must be licensed to practice medicine.

County commissioner

Franklin County's three-member Board of Commissioners is in charge of about $1 billion in county funds. Every county government agency depends on the board for its budget.

County engineer

This office is responsible for maintaining and constructing county roads and bridges, as well as other infrastructure projects.

County recorder

The most important secretary in Central Ohio sits on the county records commission and keeps accurate data pertaining to land ownership and other business matters.

County treasurer

This is the county's chief investment officer - responsible for managing money, collecting payments and serving on numerous financial advisory boards.

Prosecuting attorney

Franklin County's attorney prosecutes adult felony crimes and all juvenile offenses. The official also serves as legal counsel for the county and its agencies.

Representative to Congress

These are the legislators who work in Washington.


This county officer helms a full-service law-enforcement agency that also acts to enforce court orders and house prisoners.

State representative

These are the legislators who work in Columbus.


Candidates don't declare party affiliation

Justice of the Supreme Court

A chief justice and six other justices compose the state's highest court, which handles constitutional questions, appellate review of cases with great public interest and all death sentences.

Judge of the Court of Appeals

In Ohio, there are 12 district appeals courts, each with three judges. These courts mostly review decisions made in common pleas courts and lower municipal courts.

Judge of the Court of Common Pleas

Each Ohio county staffs a common pleas court with judges working in four divisions: domestic relations, general, juvenile and probate. They most often handle criminal proceedings, divorces, custody cases and estate settlements.

Member of State Board of Education

This 19-member executive body oversees the Ohio Department of Education and is responsible for guiding the state's primary and secondary education.

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